The paint-air is a project that combines both the interaction between the physical (Arduino) and the digital (processing) where in the processing is being read by the Arduino’s inputs to track color.

Color Tracking is a function that tracks (transforms) the colors of one (source) image to the another (target) screen. A color tracking may be referred to as the algorithm that results in the mapping function or the algorithm that transforms the image colors. Color mapping is also sometimes called color transfer or, when grayscale images are involved, brightness transfer function (BTF).

The speed of this technique makes it very attractive for near real-time applications. It establishes a connection between the pixel color and the pigment color and have some fun with an amazing piece of art paintings.

The hardware consists of four potentiometers, the first three reading the colors i.e., Red, Green and Blue (RGB) respectively and the last potentiometer is to control the thickness of the ensured sensed objects, and a webcam connected directly to the computer.

Once the color selection is done on that object (may it be a tool, a flashy colored object or even human skin can be a medium to make a drawing), it acts like a tool to draw with colors and varying thicknesses and is controlled through the Arduino kit.





The making.


The Paint-air is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2016-2017 by:

Student: Abraham Ninan, Aishwarya Hokrani, Sandesh Ramesh.