Investigations and Data Analysis on
a course of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed
Master in City & Technology_2016/2017
Faculty:Vicente Guallart
Tutors: Marta Milà and Andre Resende
Student:  Abhignya Grandhi


Robert Owen the utopian socialist philosophy of 19th-century and also a social reformer. His philosophies and ideologies were coined as owenism and his followers were known as owenites.

Owenism aimed for radical planning which is the basic difference between Cerda and OWen.

His main ideology was to develop the living conditions along with working conditions. Hence

  • renovated homes,
  • developed systems for sanitation and garbage disposal
  • free village school in order to avoid child labour.

Cerda had done a detailed research on the master plans submitted by various people in the past and as Owen is said to have submitted the world’s 1st most advanced Urban Master plan in the New Lanark Plan – hence it was a great influence for Cerda and his master plan.

Though he did not adopt the radial plan as it was later proved to be a failure but the principle of his planning ie.. planning along the facilities ie water pipe lines etc which was done by owen in his Masterplans.

Thus we can say that the current Cerda Grid is a development of the first master plan ever submitted – New Harmony, Scotland and we still see developments w.r.t to change in life style and facilities as the main motto was to improve the lifestyle along with the surroundings.