Overview of Wild Hemp CBD Cigarettes Sweet Hempettes and Similar Products


As the legal landscape for cannabis and CBD quickly changes in the USA, thousands of consumers get access to new products in this industry sector. The time is ripe for the change, and we can’t help noticing that the introduction of new CBD varieties is meant to improve consumers’ access to healthy alternatives to accustomed things, such as, for instance, cigarettes. Thus, smokers who wish to quit their bad habit or those who prefer an authentic cannabis and hemp use experience can indulge in their favorite routine without guilt – it’s become possible with hempettes. In this article, we’ll dive deep into this product category to explain what CBD cigarettes have in store for all categories of users and how they can complement your CBD consumption routines.


What Are Hempettes?

Those who have ever smoked cigarettes or at least seen one in the hands of their friends or relatives will quickly grasp the concept. In fact, hempettes are an analog to cigarettes – they are wrapped into special wrapping paper and contain a filter, with the only difference. Instead of tobacco that usual cigarettes are stuffed with, these contain dried and crushed CBD flower.

The principle behind hempettes (which is typically used as a synonym to CBD cigarettes) is that they contain no or trace THC (under 0.3% under federal legislation), so they are non-psychoactive and can produce a limited negative effect on the smoker. People who use CBD cigarettes still inhale the combusting hemp flower and undergo a certain amount of lung contamination, though it’s not as serious as tobacco smoking. Besides, unlike tobacco, CBD flower smoking is not addictive. Therefore, hempettes are actively marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes for their non-addictive, relieving properties and a ton of health bonuses coming with CBD consumption.

Top Hempettes You Should Try Out

Now that you know the health value of hempettes and probably want to try this new CBD product category out, which items are worth your money and attention? Here is a list of the top five picks we can sincerely recommend to quality-conscious users.

#1 Wild Hemp CBD Cigarettes: Sweet Hempettes

Our top pick is the Wild Hemp Hempettes Sweet version, as the product is really unique in this CBD market niche. The pack contains 20 hempettes, with each item containing 50mg of CBD. Thus, the total CBD amount you get is 1,000mg. The THC content doesn’t exceed 30mg per entire pack, which is totally within the federal limits. What’s more, you get sweet-flavored hempettes, which adds to the self-indulging process of smoking them. You also receive a unique opportunity to enjoy organic, US-grown hemp cultivated with proper regard for your health and safety.

#2 Redwood Reserves Hempettes

Another popular choice among CBD smokers is Redwood Reserves – a premium CBD brand with a good CBD concentration and high-quality ingredients used in hempette production. Each hempette contains from 60 to 100mg CBD – pretty much to keep you calm, focused, and relaxed most of the time. Besides, the brand is known for hemp with a terpene-rich flavor, which adds a twist to the smoking experience and creates an impression of traditional cigarette smoking. The brand follows a simple design and markets its products for the excellent effects they cause. Besides, the hempette ingredients are CBD-rich flowers; the company doesn’t include hemp stalks and leaves in the product. All hemp is grown and sourced in Oregon, giving users a top-tier, transparent experience.

#3 Plain Jane’s Hemp Rolls

Plain Jane is an elegant brand with a minimalist design and a focus on quality and potency in all its products. The same goes for its hemp rolls, which are actually CBD cigarettes, produced with 72mg CBD in each hempette. The smoky, hempy taste of CBD flower in the brand’s hemp rolls has won it many dedicated fans. These hempettes are available in the original and menthol flavor variants and act smoothly on the user’s throat. All batches are manufactured from US-grown, organic hemp, and the product’s price is pretty competitive compared to other hempette products in the American market.

#4 Sugar’s Crème Vanilla Hempettes

Sugar is a famous American CBD brand that adds a pleasant peculiarity to the smoking experience – a sweet-flavored filter that perfectly matches the hemp flavor. Their product variations include Peppermint and Vanilla hempettes, which is a smoking endeavor of a totally new level, even for sophisticated and picky smokers. Every CBD cigarette comes with 50mg in it, which is enough to produce a tangible relaxing and painkilling effect on the user. Consumers also report smooth smoke that doesn’t cause burning or irritation in the throat. Last but not least, the company provides a detailed COA for all its hempettes, which certifies the absence of pesticides, metals, and mycotoxins in the raw materials.

#5 American Shaman’s CBD Cigs

American Shaman’s CBD cigarettes are the mildest option out of all five we’ve considered here, as they contain 40mg CBD each. However, their indisputable benefit (according to users) is that they taste more like a traditional cigarette – an effect that many smokers on a transition seek from hemp flower. Another bonus is their affordability and the inclusion of CBC and CBG into the cannabinoid profile. This move is highly valuable for medicinal CBD users who seek pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects from hempette use. What’s more, the company is certified by the US Hemp Authority (thus the quality and transparency of its sourced hemp). The rich cannabinoid content combined with a noticeable terpene profile makes the process of smoking American Shaman’s hempettes a real pleasure.

How to Choose the Right CBD Hempette Product?

Hempettes are not like regular cigarettes, so you shouldn’t expect harm and lung damage similar to tobacco smoking here. However, the quality of the product you’re smoking still matters much. Here are a couple of pro tips on choosing the best-quality CBD cigarettes in the market:

  • Take a look at the COA. COAs are vital parameters for the quality evaluation of any CBD product. These documents contain all the details about the hempette’s components and their concentration in percentages.
  • Mind the origin of hemp. If you shop for hempettes in the USA, it’s better to buy from local producers. US-grown hemp will guarantee full compliance with the federal cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing laws, which is your safety.
  • Go for unbleached paper. The wrapping material, no matter how much it’s neglected in the quality assessment process, is a key ingredient of hempettes. You inhale its smoke after lighting the hempette and enjoy the process. So, we recommend going for unbleached paper, which is safest for the lungs.
  • Buy from licensed dispensaries. Hempettes may include anything if you buy from an unverified vendor or a dispensary without a license. It may not be hemp at all, or the hemp may come with high THC levels or contaminants. Thus, we advise sticking only to verified vendors and brands to enjoy a safe, predictable CBD smoking routine.
  • Check the CBD dose and other components. CBD users, especially newbies, should be extra careful about the amount of CBD included in the hempettes. A COA usually specifies how much CBD you will get by smoking one hempette, and buying from brands known for dosing accuracy is imperative.

It’s Time for Good Habits

As you can see, hempettes offer a great opportunity to quit smoking cigarettes and transfer to a more therapeutically valuable and non-addictive activity – CBD smoking. Though smoking as such is an undesirable habit, CBD cigarettes can become your vital bridge to healthier habits. They may help you curb the tobacco cravings and soothe the stress you will inevitably feel when quitting smoking. Choose CBD cigs from reliable, trusted brands and enjoy the wholesome benefits of CBD to battle stress.

The material was prepared by Denys Svirepchuk, a blogger at AskGrowers advocating for the safe and informed use of cannabis and CBD products. Denys is an expert in cannabis industry, ready to share his findings, observations, and safety tips with everyone considering cannabis therapy.