Today we hosted the Opening Presentation of Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF), a 16 week program with an agenda that translates research into technology, working hand in hand with the industry, and seeking to develop innovative solutions in a wide range of fields. This year the researchers will follow one of three research lines: 3D printing in Architectural Construction, tutored by Enrico Dini, Petr Novikov and Sasha Jokic; Intelligent Building Constructions, tutored by Areti Markopoulou, Marc Viader, Silvia Brandi and Victor Arribas; and Smart Urban Elements, tutored by Luis E. Fraguada, Ali Basbous and Roland Bosbach. The researchers’ projects will be developed hand in hand with the partner companies, consisting in: KUKACRICURSASANTA&COLEDUPONTSTORA ENSOBREINCO and CERAMICA CUMELLA. This morning, after a welcoming and introductory presentation given by Areti Markopoulou, IAAC Master Program Director, each of the Partner Companies briefly presented themselves, and outlined some of their innovation and development interests. With the knowledge gained today, the researchers will proceed to further elaborate their Projects, based on an individual research topic based on their own interests and prior experience, and in line with the challenges proposed by the divers partner companies, and start prototyping. @IMG_5217