OTF Week 12 – Workshop with Manja van de Worp

Since the student researchers are working with an entire new alphabet of parameters that haven’t been generally optimized, their theme required a thorough structural analysis. Based on their physical prototypes, the team started developing strategies in order to optimize structurally, under the workshop done with with Architect and Structural Engineer Manja van de Worp.

Therefore, a general study on contraction was conducted. Due to the material drying pattern, breakings occurred, which caused the strategy of touching and not overlapping intersections. The point of contact of the intersections had undergone analysis.

IAAC - OTF contraction-3

Another structural element that needed to be augmented was the development of the curvature. A ratio between the length of the curve and the radius of the curve was then established.

IAAC - OTF contraction-7

IAAC - OTF contraction-10

The team was also able to optimize the buckling of the prototypes, based on previous digital and physical research. The surface of the wall is to be composed of a diagrid, in order to perfect the structural nods and add stability to the prototype.

IAAC - OTF - diagrid structure