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Section II

Climatic Performance




Texturing in local detailed geometry tuning which is related to solar radiation direction to create dimple surface to increase exposed surface area that achieve a better evaporative performance in summer time.



Orientation in global geometry tuning which is related to radiation direction to increased surface area in south part to provide self-shading in horizontal direction in the meanwhile decrease surface area in north part to achieve a better climatic performance both for summer and winter.



Self-shading (symmetric) which is global geometry tuning related to sun path to provide a extra self-shading area in vertical towards the sun to create a cooler area in the lower part of the house.



Self-shading (asymmetric) tuning which is related to sun path to provide a self-shading area in horizontal direction to achieve a better cooler area towards the sun.


Ventilation tuning which is related to middle layer between the inner surface and outer surface to create ventilated channel embedded achieve a better cooling condition when it channel is opened and achieve a warmer condition in it closed.