The aim of the project was to create a visual filter in a frame (1000mm x 2000mm) using polypropylene as the material and use the extent of the laser cutting machine to achieve the desired design using bending or folding.

Our design concept is based on the traditional origami folds. We followed the miura fold pattern and amplified the design in a parametric form. This culminated into a screen of various forms of the pattern and once the pattern started folding it created a third dimension warp leading to an interesting visual barrier.

To create a deeper effect of the light play, we chose to use translucent polypropylene to catch the refraction of light. We also tried reflection of light to some extent by coating parts of the screen with white paint. The result thus produced helped us understanding not only the play of light but also the depth of the folded creases, giving a certain kind of intensity to the design.


The material used has its own restriction in terms of size and also the size of sheet that can be inserted into the laser cutting machine (EPILOG ).

Sheet Size: 1050mm x 750mm
Sheet Size restriction: 900mm x 600mm

To cover the given dimensions of the frame, customized joints between the sheets as well as between the frame and the sheet was designed. The joints tested were rigid enough for the sheets to be in place.

Module Assembly

Folding each module individually : 10 mins
Total time for individual folding  of modules: 200 mins
Joining two modules : 5 mins
Joining 10 modules : 150 mins
Joining 20 modules: 300 mins
Masking the two panels: 60 mins
Spray painting and drying : 90 mins
Fixing to the frame: 150 mins
Total Assembly Time: 13 hours
Total Laser cutting time: 2 hours
Final Production Time: 15 hours
Final Production Time: 15 hours

Origamicry is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at MAA01 2017-201
Students: Mario Espinoza, Milivoje Momcilovic, Mateo Proaño, Ipsita Datta
Faculty: Alex Dubor, Raimund Krainmueller