The following is a diagram showcasing our general team (orbital greenhouse) workflow, plants data from excel were transferred to grasshopper via speckle , than modeling and conception were done through rhino and grasshopper, the resulting modules were than transferred to Revit via rhino inside for documentation and than rendered using lumion and vray.

Later on we detailed our team workflow diagram showcasing the different phases of it , we received the initial module from the infrastructure team and modified it to fit our needs and conceived from it our two main modules , landscape and farming module, furthermore to clarify the process we zoomed in to our landscape module workflow and illustrated the different phases with images. Moreover, the different elements defining each module were sent to the speckle web stream.





From the very beginning we clarified the way data were exchanged between the team members (Pablo, Jacinto, Charbel), data transfer were divided into two types  , one directional data flow and two directional data flow.




Since change is an an important factor in any collaborative environment, we showcased scenarios where we changed particular elements and highlighted the elements and the streams affected by that modification, first changing the excel data , later on the modules.



As an orbital team we were divided into five sub teams (living, working, greenhouse, recreation, infrastructure) , the following diagram showcases the collaboration between the five groups, geometrical constraints were sent by the infrastructure group and received by the others, following that initial module each team conceived and modeled there own modules which were sent later on to the infrastructure team to work on the exploded axonometry and the web interface of the project , meanwhile the other teams worked on the rendering, drawings and documentation of their modules. During the process a strong collaboration existed between our team and the recreation one, on the other hand the collaboration with the other teams weren’t that effective due mainly to the time difference.





Orbital greenhouse-collaborative workflows is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design in 2021/2022 by
Students: Pablo Antuna Molina + Jacinto Moros + Charbel Baliss
Lead Faculty:  Alan Rynne , Faculty Assistant: Joao Silva