Jamendo it is a open website which connects musicians and music lovers from around the world. Their mission is to rejuvenate a worldwide community of independent music and to surround it with experiences and value. Music is free to listen, download and support the artist. But….

What kind of music is available?  How many different music styles can we find for free?

Using python programming language we can access to this website, extract the information we are interested in, analize all the obtained data and, at the end, represent it in a graphical way using plotly, library which gives the needed graphics and tools to visualize our data.

Step 1. Understanding Jamendo Website

Step 2. Web scraping

Step 3. Writing .csv

Step 4. Cleaning .csv using Pandas

Step 5. Visualizing data using Plotly

Next graph shows the percentage of the different nationalities of the artists out of all the music that it is available to play and download in Jamendo website.

And on the other hand, next graph shows the great variety of musical styles availbale on the playlists.


OPEN SOURCE MUSIC is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at MaCT (Master in City & Technology),
2017-18 by:
Students: Irene Rodríguez Vara
Faculty: Andre Resende