The aim of this workshop was the experimentation of primary materials as metal  in order to design structures.  Also, it  explored  the boundaries between  the digital design and the physical fabrication. For this, we start working with paper models  to explore the design possibilities of the metal panel. The first day, all students made paper designs. The second day, the tutor Gregory Epps, selected designs that had further exploration opportunities. Groups of two people started working the physical model in rhino and grasshopper. Then other groups were made with the designs that were able to work with the digital process of the robot folder in grasshopper. The off-centered continuous curves was the design that worked with curves along the surface which gave us the possibility to study different capabilities of bending the material in both, physical and digital process. Then the process continued with digital a fabrication explorations. Assembled structure. The design required an adjustment in order to work with the robotfolder script The concept was the same, just the fabrication process changed. Final piece performance