Furniture – Design and Make

Oculus is the product of an attempt to explore into Digital fabrication, using Laser cutting and CNC milling.


The aim was to design a furniture that could be used sit, hold or support. A circular form for this seemed apt in order for it to be adaptable in approaching from all directions. From here the design evolved…..


The structure was solved by adopting a system of interlocking circular members, held in place by one another. The crucial part of solving the system was to identify the most effective method of assembling the members. This was solved by making a smaller prototype using a 5mm ply board, and making the members with the help of a laser cutting machine.



Simultaneously the most apt pattern for a kerfed edge was also tested, in real scale, to see its functioning stability.

Structurally designed the kerfed face to be held in place of the furniture.


Building it

Finally the members of the furniture was produced with the help of CNC milling of a 15mm ply board and assembled.

In addition to this, the seating top of the furniture was woven with rope, to add comfort.