The new old town
Project of Asier Eguilaz, Sylvain Totaro
Iaac - MaCT 2017
 Faculties: Mar Santamaria, Pablo Martinez Diez


How would Ciutat Vella be like, if private motorized vehicles were not needed anymore?

The proposal aims to explore and to speculate on how to fulfill the citizens necessities rose by such a scenario. Based on some specific parameters, that we found relevant in terms quality of life, ‘The New Old Town’ aspires to find a balanced life with high quality standards. The research focuses on productivity, housing, proximity to public facilities, easy access to basic goods, and quantity/quality of greenery; in order to face the current challenges that the District is experiencing.

First of all, a preliminary analysis on the existing condition revealed a lack of industrial activity. In regard to that, the proposal was focused on updating some spaces such as the actual industries or the parking associated to retail shops on their ground floor. The final goal was to develop a self sufficient district.

Secondly, our analysis underlined a lack of Social Housing. We proposed to transform the main administrative buildings and some office buildings into housing. Then, we densified some housing buildings by expanding them vertically were the morphology and the regulation allowed it. Doing so, an equilibrium between residence and productivity was obtained.

Thirdly, we analysed the proximity to the everyday needs. From alimentary to public facilities; we defined some specific proximity radius in order to ensure a satisfying coverage by these services.

Finally, our research explored several ways to improve the greenery in the old district of Barcelona, which gather a complex network of narrow streets. Taking into account the land use as well as the presence of NDVI, we identified a lack of green spaces. We started by adding a certain amount of green on the widest streets. But this was not enough to achieve the 9 sqm per inhabitant defined by the World Heath Organization. So, where terraces were available, green roofs were proposed.