The intention of this wooden nest is to enhance and uplift the entrance to the School, bringing the energy of the forest down to the city. ]This nest is constructed from over 1.500 wooden elements, each cut using robotic precision to carry the structure above the wall. The pieces are modular and self-supporting, meaning the form is flexible yet the structure becomes rigid when connected together. This project was designed and assembled by the students and staff at Valldaura Labs, in collaboration with the students and families of Escola Entença.


[Jig Design for CNC process]


[Design+Making Process for 1 Module]


[ Assembling process with the students and families of Escola Entença ]


[ On-site photo ]

New Niu is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed in the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MABB01) 2021/22 by students: Pablo Herraiz García de Guadiana//Romain Russe//Roshni Shah//Suwapat Rodprasert//Prachi Agarwal//Rachael Verdugo; faculty: Vicente Guallart//Alex Hadley//Bruno Ganem Coutinho