Water World

Short Description

It’s a game, where the user will manage resources and build a city but try to stop the rising sea level because of it, side by side learning what will add or reduce carbon dioxide emissions causing sea level rise.To begin, the user will be given an empty terrain with environmental benefits. Integral to the activity is the introduction and consideration of renewable resources or alternatives to reduce the sea level rise. The user is supposed to assess and propose strategies to protect these sites from sea level rise and storm impacts. The game creates a lively interaction between user & heightening awareness of the challenges of planning for sea level rise. The game concludes with user successfully building the city which is self-sustaining and has strategies that counter the emissions from day to day life hence stopping any more addition to sea level rise.

The Process

The user needs to continue building the city till there is no land left. While building the city the user will face challenges in the form of rising sea level and the threat that the city user is constructing might sunk in a matter of time. The user can delay or stop this rise by using renewable sources from the possible options given to reduce the co2 level.The images below show the scene (the making) in unity.


Options such as to retreat or settle somewhere else other than the coastline, or many different options to delay the natural calamity won’t be in the game.
Secondly, the process to delay it is slow but just for the user experience and understanding in the game the user, by placing some solar panels or planting trees can see the sea level rise stop or slow down which is not the case in the real world.

Outcome and rewards

The game tells the user is doing well if the rising sea level stops and gets stable, even after the city is in the process of construction or is already built. The outcome of the game to improve time and resource management, also to spread awareness about the global problem of sea level rise.