Assignment3 Inthat Ueasak-aree


Responsive Insulation is studio project that developed how to manipulate the porousity of polyurethane foam by increasing or reducing thickness of the foam to enhance thermal insulation property ,and create thermal comfort in the building.
First of all, the material system can be control by sensor and interface with user through application that can ask people how do you feel? Is it too cold or hot? and the system will take this data and decide how to actuate the mechanism.
In addition, scanning the object to show information of material experiments, and final prototype can be simulated thermal analysis in the realtime and go to next scenario showing the whole skin system with the build on the different location with augmented reality on application.Lastly, interior space map with data using virtaul reality to give us the information for example what is temperature inside and outside,thermal dynamic simulation, how much energy that the system have been used and system can inform us that you spend to much energy and tell us how can we save the energy.


Assignment3 Inthat Ueasak-aree2


New interfaces: FOAM[AATIC] VR is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015/2016 by:
MAA Design Associativity 2016 : Assignment 3
Student: Inthat Ueasak-aree
Faculty: Luis E. Fraguada