It has always been about the construction materials and the way it influenced our architectural history with its radical changes, from the first moment of existence till now, and how architects were controlling the properties and characteristic of materials, not to mention creating various tools and techniques. How were they creating a new logic of construction and housing strategies? And how some architects transformed it to international human modules? What’s going to be the new modular in future? And how would it be and based on which parameters? Societies over a tree, inside a cave and at an endless city, from 23,002,013 years till now we’re trying to write by Arts and Architecture, trying to build a memory, have an identity to stay in mind and history, all civilizations have created landmarks to prove their greatness, power to every passing by citizen in every area on this planet, but what’s next? What’s going to be the future modular that satisfies humanity, human needs and enough equivalence to change reality and be an archive for the past, an identity for present and a vision of future? Nasr Chamma