Project : Namasthe : Pavilion for Naked Healing

Class : Lightweight Bio Composite Structures

Tutors : Pablo Ros, Alex Dubor


Brief :

[Recent advances in manufacturing and bio composite have open new opportunities for engineers and designers, allowing us to envision a high tech and light sustainable architecture based on natural materials.]

Our aim for this pavilion is to focus on three main materials : Jute, BioGlue, and Mud.  Together these three materials come and make a biocomposite system that is lightweight and 100% biodegradable.  The program for the pavilion is mudbaths for the NoWhere Festival that takes place in the desert outside of Barcelona every summer  in July. Our proposal serves to promote connectivity to nature by allowing the user to emerge himself or herself in the mud that is the main element of the desert.

[Design Proposal]

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[Pavilion Performance]

[Materials for BioComposite Sysyem]




Students :

Johana Monroy, Sandesh Kagganti Ramesh, Nithin Bhargav Ramesh, Armin Akbari, Valerie Frey

Institute of Advanced Architecture

Masters of Advanced Architecture