MyTale is a mobile application made in Unity during the AR workshop ,Synesthesia with Jacek Markusiewicz. The name suggests ones tale or story. The application basically makes the user take a photo of something or some one around him which later get converted into a cocktail, thus drinking ones tale.

The program computes the RGB level of the image taken which we had broken down into different flavors, R – sweet B – sour G – bitter, and then gives the user the ingredients of a cocktail which matches the levels set by us. Thus giving one the oppertunity to convert a real image into a cocktail hence augmenting ones reality.

This could one day solve the age old question of what drink to get when at the bar. It could also be used as a fun playful drinking game when with friends.

The application has been built and is deployable on any android device.


Students – Ioannis Vogdanis, Shahram Randeria, Ashkan Foroughi , Nima Fatemi

Faculty – Jacek Markusiewicz