For the physical computing’s assignment we decided to work on a project that shows the connection and the communication between people and technology, and how technology can be used as a source of interaction.

That is why we based our work on video mapping, in order to use the people and their movement as an input to make the system work.

First of all, we created a shape to map on. This white quad structure artwork -or combination of different modules- is going to be the “screen” of our projection. Those white panels create a 3d effect on which the projection becomes more interesting. Using resolume arena, we cropped and masked our screen to fit the irregular shape we invented.

On a second hand, the content of the things to be projected is controlled by the people standing in front of the camera. The projection provides real time full body detection of the user.

The live-video of the user is projected on the screen with some effects done by both resolume arena and processing. By using processing, the code re-interprets live-video as ASCII text and once imported to resolume arena, another effect is given as well, and that’s how we managed to have that final output.

But the interesting part is that the picture changes colors while music or any sound is playing and off once it stops, and that output is controlled in resolume.


” Mutant luminosities ”  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, Physical Computing in 2016 – 2017 by:

Students: Nayla Bou Maroun, Pranav Kashyap, Margarita Moshonkina, Filipp Sevostianov, Jesus Ariel Valenzuela, Agustin Vivas

Tutors: Angel Munoz, Cristian Rizzuti