Credit Milena Villalba

Techniques 2.1 – The exercise focuses on the calculations study of a timber building in Barcelona, Spain.

Case study

The case study focused on the structure calculation of an existing building in the city of Barcelona. The project is the winner for the plot on Espronceda street (Poblenou) in the public competition for municipal plots for cooperative housing. The proposal for La Balma (Techo Cívico cooperative) was made jointly with the La Boqueria cooperative.
The objective of the cooperatives is to facilitate and guarantee access to decent and affordable housing for their members, with a maximum quota set according to the legislation at € 7.82 / m2. La Balma provides the opportunity to make this possible.

For the purpose of this course, the structure study focuses on a beam, wall and deck study taking into account different possible scenarios.


Fire requirements


Case Study – Beam


Case Study – Wall

Case Study – Slab






Calculatis by StoraEnso:


Case Study – Lacol + LaBoqueria – La Balma Collective Housing is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed for MMTD in 2021 by student Ricardo Cruz Recalde. Faculty: Felipe Riola Parada. CourseMMTD02 – Techniques 2.1