The multi-level streets analysis mainly focus on the solution to the certain situations from
Uber Flying Taxis in São Paulo, traffic conflict in Dehli and the lack of green in Taipei.

We conclude the potential for improving the streets by increasing layers from the analysis and comparison of each street.

São Paulo

Av. Paulista is one of the most important business avenue in Brazil and is also known by its traffic.
We have the metro underground, the street as a “second level” and “third level” is the sky with helicopters.
São Paulo have 4 departure and landing of helicoprtes each 5 minutes and in the future this will only increase with the evolution of the tecnology.
The first UberCopter was lauched in São Paulo and they are already working on the Uber Elevate that will make it more accesible to more people.

So with this in the we can have more space for people in the streets and the traffic wil be in the air.




Xinyiliantongkong_Bridge is a pedestrian footbridge beside the shopping mall that crosses the biggest block in Taipei,
which area is also the most expansive one in the local real estate market.

In the future with sharing auto-pilot cars,
the great amount of underground parking can be an opportunity for the storm tank, absorbing the rainfall coming with the typhoon.

The ground floor in this area also can be developed into the urban green restoration
since the constructing extension of the footbridge will soon cover the place for the flow of commuter.