informationIn our aim to map and measure the Information layer as an issue from a global to a local scale, we found ourselves in front of a “multi-headed” monster.

In the global scale, we discovered there is an uneven distribution of information. The lack of resources and infrastructure doesn´t allow all the citizens of the world to have access to information.

Information is hidden. We are being tracked all the time and left out of the loop, we don’t know how much information travels, or its value. Big Data analysis, the mainstream of information today, is not known by many and not of easy access.

Citizens are not aware of the information they are giving away daily that feeds or generates Big Data. Nor they have the tools or education to access Big Data, process it or use its results.

In terms of ownership, information is centralized. Only certain institutions like media networks, banks or governments “own” it.

We found three important aspects of Information from the infrastructure point of view. The physical: a large footprint of cables, optic fiber, servers, and antennas spread out in the world, supporting the creation, use, transport, storage, and destruction of information. The intangible: invisible waves, wireless connections, invisible actions. And the governance. Protocols, regulations and laws.

In the local scale, there is a digital divide by income, gender, nationality, occupation, education, and age. Not every person in Barcelona has access to Internet. Information is so global that its protocols and regulations go beyond the local laws and national boundaries.

Because a larger portion of Information is intangible, we were only able to map the physical infrastructure layer of Information and the internet accessibility of the citizens of our assigned neighborhood Poblenou. After analyzing the different layers of information, and also realizing that Information is a multidirectional communications monster, we came to the conclusion that in order to really understand and improve upon this layer, what is really needed is a holistic map of all its nodes.


Information Nodes


Information Clouds


Visualizing Information


Visualizing the multi-directionality of information

Multi-directionality of Information is a project of Iaac, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia at Master in City and Technogy in 2016/2017 by:
Students: Alex Mademo, Laura Marcovich
Faculty: Tomas Diez, Mathilde Marengo