Seminar: “Morphogenetic Fluid Dynamic workshop”

Tutor: Angelos Chronis

Student: Margarita Moshonkina

Project: “Transformative Structural Skin” / Studio: “Climatic Matter”


The structure inflates and deflates with hot and cold air. Reacts to different climatic conditions such as wind and sun and could be shading system, protect from the wind, cool and warm up environment. Futhermore after researching about several important parks of the word was inferred that all these places have the same zones according to space-organization.  These parameters also apply on the structure: required zones, quantity of the required zones and min/max distance between them. In concordance with these parameters the structure transforms and create a needed space.


The first step was to understand and create a workflow and set all steps in the correct sequence:

  1. wockup of a future structure
  2. setting up an initial grid
  3. applying engineering forces such as wind, inflation and collisium between the geometry
  4. locate on a specific site
  5. wind simulation/optimization
  6. find the best shape solution for the future structure

Wind Simulation/Optimization.

One of the main goal was to simulate wind force and optimize shape of the structure by using grasshopper + processing and chose the most suitable combination. The process was divided into several parts:

  1. Create basic geometry for the structure / grasshopper
  2. Create buildings to simulate surroundings / grasshopper
  3. Set up parametric description
  4. Set up the parameters in a script / processing
  5. Run simulation / processing

Achieved goals.

The main goals were:

  1. study new knowledge in programming
  2. combination of two different programs such as grasshopper and processing
  3. make possible predict wind behaviour
  4. optimize the future structure
  5. find the most suitable shape for any specific location
  6. achieve the desired result in a short time


Setting the geometry inside the surroundings. Preparation the structure for the future simulation.

The start of the simulation. Pattern of different shape variables.

Simulation / Optimization process.