The “Moroccan Modern House” “MMH” constitutes 75% of the urban landscape in Morocco. These typologies are growing at an accelerating rate that it is almost impossible to trace their evolution. Due to its good economical return on investment, the MMH represents a socio-economical ladder for the Moroccan middle-class population. Due to the multiplicity of the climatic and geographic/cultural Moroccan context, the MMH is a patchwork of overlapping programs and symbols that are specific to each region, but what’s constant is that it holds space for growth and evolutivity; Often the architecture is a host to nuclear families that tend to concentrate and evolve.

Socio-Economical factors are the driving force behind its evolutivity; Adding floorplates, dividing space, and opening floor-level stores are common during the lifetime of an MMH and are often assigned to social events such as the marriage of the son, the birth of a newborn, or even the death of the housekeeper; the father. The problem: The MMH is known to be the only type of architecture that is built “Without an Architect”.

The output is not dictated by an architect, and only a few of them want to take part in building MMHs since the client wants to take full credit and responsibility for the building process. Solution: Dwelling into these intricacies, the deduction is that there is a clear communication medium between architects in Morocco and the clients looking to build MMH’s. For them, the process is never linear, and since there are a lot of actors, the process becomes complicated.

This app’s goal is to model a Decision Support System that helps to visualize the possible scenarios of the MMH economical evolution based on the household programmatic needs. It calculates the necessary plot area, then showcases the Return of Investment in a timeline based on the 3 possible actions: Live, Sell, and Rent.

A proactive parametric model is created to track the pricing of the MoroccanModernHouse & its economical plans.



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Different Evolution Scenarios

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” MoroccanModernHouse: towards a contextual and evolutive urban framework” is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master of Advanced Computation in Architecture and Design 2021/22

Student: Mahmoud RAMDANE  // Thesis Advisor: David Andres Leon