Having multiple contributors working with different modeling tools, on different parts of an architectural project can get taxing. Speckle allowed us to segregate our workflow seamless amongst 4 contributors, which was aided by prior planning, organisation and understanding of the project. The meditation Temple Moo(e)scape was modelled in Rhino, Grasshopper, Revit and compiled together into one Revit file from 8 different streams. 

Our project was dissected into 8 different streams, amongst 4 contributors. These streams divide the form into the exterior and interior portions. The exterior branch containtaining the outer Shells, access ramps, and the internal ramps. And the Interior Branch containing the Walls, Floor Slabs, Staircases, Ramps and the stepped well. Eventually we also have an additional stream that optimises openings in the external shell, to reduce direct radiation into the structure.

With 4 contributors involved,the project workflow is divided into 3 major sections consisting of 8 streams in totality feeding into one main stream. The plot stream is first received by contributor 1 and 2, to create the 2 layers of the outermost shell. Based on which the ramps are formed and pushed to the main stream, forming the external temple. Based on the external temple, contributor 2, and 3 form the different layers on the interior themple. The commits of the internal and external temple are received into a mainstream, assigned categories and pushed to revit. For the updation loop, an optimised version of the external shell is sent to final file.

The streams were segregated into an internal and external branch, in order to optimise & update the exteriors simultaneously to the interior modelling. The Master grasshopper file, connected all different streams into one single revit model output, and at the same time enables us to assign the correct revit categories to the forms.

The interoperability between different modelling tools, was extended by a real time updation loop within the Main grasshopper file. Accessing the external shell stream allows one to optimise the form to respond to the structure and radiation. An updated version of an optimised exterior shell is replaced with just a few click in the master grasshopper file and pushed to revit directly.



Moon(e)scape: Meditation Temple // Collaborative Workflow  is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design in 2020/21 by 

Students: Amal Algamdey, Krishnanunni Vijayakumar, Pedro Ribeiro, Varun Mehta 

Faculty: Alan Rynne & Noelia Rodriguez