Moon Colony

The Moon Colony parametric project is an aggregation system that adapts to the conditions of the terrain and allows different forms of growth. It was created with Grasshopper and the Wasp plugging.


The online app allows users to generate a new settlement on the moon by manipulating the sliders.

The user can manipulate the terrain’s size, amount of hills, the height of the hills, and from each of the clusters, the user can also manipulate the spheres Radius and the number of connections.

Likewise, the user can change the position of the resulting cluster on the new terrain conditions.

Finally, it is possible to download the designed Moon Colony! Just click on Download

CLICK HERE to join the app!


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The Moon Colony is a project at IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture and Design 2021 by Jonathan Hernández López in the Cloud-based data management course taught by Luis Fraguada and Will Pearson.