Monumental-Energy Factory is a design which aims to rethink the La Monumental as an Energy Factory in 21th century.
The main form of the energy in this energy plant should be clean energy—solar and wind.
The basic concept is the use of “greenhouse and stack effect”. Sunlight penetrates the solar membrane, and the solar radiation is converted to heat upon hitting the green house. The air underneath the membrane quickly increases in temperature due to the greenhouse effect and flows towards the chimney, which, through the stack effect, becomes the lowest point of pressure in the system. This continuous airflow spins a turbine located at the base of the chimney.

The nighttime difference in temperature between the ground and the air allows this effect to continue. Thermal storage devices can be used to smooth out the differences in intensity between night and day temperature differentials.




Course: Urbiotica – Student: Peng Wang – Faculty: Willy Müller, Jordi Vivaldi