In order to create a growing and twisting form that mimics the form of a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture these steps were taken:

1. An initial mesh is trangulated
2. Mesh faces are culled at random
3. The remaining faces act as the starting points for the growth
4. Each triangular face is copied up along its normal – which is then multiplied by the anemone count – to create a radial shift in position every step
5. Each copied traingle is rotated locally, creating a twist in the form
6. The anemone loop creates a series of triangular mesh edges, which are then lofted
7. The lofted meshes are colored along the z axis


Much like the nude sculpture in the pavilion, this project will act as a focal point for visitors – and as a photo op. “The Monster at the Barcelona Pavilion” has a double meaning: the monster could be considered the tentacles emerging from the famous pool, or it could be the people taking selfies in front of it.

Image : Dale Chihuly – Grand Rapids

Image : Script with sphere as triangulated mesh