The micro-scale world exists numerous wonders that are fascinating and worth to explore.  The molecules movement occurs everywhere in our daily life. Since we are not able to notice the amaze during most of the time, the project aims to reveal the micro-scale mystery through the macro-scale application.


Molecules movement, extract from:


The project is an architectural geometry based on the molecules movement and is simulated through the 3d computational software. The Grasshopper and Kangaroo Physic are been used to mimic the cohesion and collision of the particles. Through controlling the strength of the force, users are able to explore the wonder of the micro-movement in the physical world.

Moreover, to enhance the performance of the particles and to visualize the effect, the Metaball and the Cocoon are been used. The following images are the detail grasshopper script and the matrix of different architectural application.

For more detail, please refer to the following video post

MOLECULES MOVEMENT BASED DESIGN // an application in the architectural structure is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Computational Design in 2017/2018 by:
Students: Yuchen Chen  Faculty: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre