Project Brief

This project is intended to demonstrate the study outcome of the course Introduction to Programming and Physical Computing, which is a part of the IAAC’s Master in Advanced Architecture program from 2021-2022. The project simulates, using the Arduino platform, the activity of an automated dehumidifier. The system automatically detects the excessive level of moisture in the air and initiates the dehumidifying process, which involves collecting the atmospheric moisture inside an internal water tank. The system will then automatically pause itself when the water tank is fully filled.


Functional Requirements:

? Capable of detecting excessive humidity level in the surrounding.

? Respond by automatically starting the dehumidification process.

? Being aware of the water level stored inside the machine.

? Pause operation when water tank is filled, regardless of the humidity level


Bill of Materials:

  1. Basic Components:

  2. Transistors:


  3. Sensors:

  4. Actuators:



Scenario A:

? Humidity: Low

? Water Tank Level: High

? Start the motor, which initiates the dehumidifying process; also lit the green light, indicating that the system is operating correctly.

Scenario B:

? Humidity: High

? Water Tank Level: Low

? Pause the motor, regardless of the current humidity level; lit red light to indicate that the water tank needs to be emptied.

Scenario C:

? Humidity: Low

? Water Tank Level: Low

? Do nothing and write a message, indicating that the system is standing by.

2nd Prototype:

In this version of the prototype, a water boiling jar is used to better demonstrate the function of the system.

Next Steps?

Going further with this project, I would like to improve the system’s function, and make it physically controllable.

First of all, a water pump can be installed, which will allow the system to automatically remove the water from the internal tank
when full.

Secondly, individual red/green leds can be replaced by a set of traffic light component.

Thirdly, manual switches can be added to enable / disable specific functions of the system. For example, auto draining when the tank is full can be switched on/off manually depends on whether an external basin is available.

Also, A potentiometer can be added to control the operational parameters of the system, such as changing the humidity level that starts the motor.


Moisture Collector is a project of IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed during the Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) 2021/22 by student: Enlin Guo; senior faculty: Angel Muñoz, Cristian Rizzuti, and Bernat Morato.