Modular Labs

Housing Demands = Modular Construction

Currently, modular projects have already established a solid track record of accelerating project timelines by 20-50 percent. The market value for modular in new real-estate construction alone could reach $130 billion in Europe and the United States by 2030.

The Bottom Line

Implementing mandatory zero-carbon-ready building codes for all new buildings by 2030 is crucial to put the buildings and construction sector in line with Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Where We Come In – Modular Labs

Modular Labs [MT] provides digitally manufactured construction product with the sole purpose to reduce the amount of wood used in typical stick frame construction, accelerate construction time to financially scale the construction sector. All home buyers of new Modular Lab products will be offered a proportional tax exemption as an additional incentive for the switch to zero-carbon homes.

The first mover advantage is here. And it’s real.

The market size is growing. Modular construction could represent more than $130 billion in US and European real estate.

These standards would cover both operational and construction-phase energy intensity and emissions, in line with the most recent EU policy developments such as France’s new RE2020.

Adoption of manufactured housing by government is looming & empowering a workforce.

How it Works

The Smart Contract

Business Model

Students: Rigoberto Moreno
Faculty: Davide Rovera