The streets are filled with different typologies of elements that we utilize in our daily life. The Street Life is what defines it. These elements help in enlightening the beauty of the streets as well as assisting the people in their everyday life. these elements are called street furniture, which range from light poles to benches and post boxes to water fountains. These street furniture act as a “facade element” on the streets without which the streets would look dead. We usually tend to ignore such elements when we pass by but we only realize the importance of them when they stop functioning. These elements are called the heart of the streets and their continuous existence breaths life into the streets which in turn breathes life into the people. The streets would become dark if the light poles do not work or would not exist. The streets would become dirty if there would be no dustbins. A person cannot take rest without the existence of benches on the streets. Water fountains help in quenching the thirst on a hot day. Post office boxes reduce the distance for distant messages. Thus the streets are the ones which transform human life into assisting them through street furniture.

The assignment included choosing one such element and then 3D-modelling it to a real life image.

  • The following steps were done for the whole process.
  • choose a vicinity in Barcelona with a metro stop – Torras i Bagas chosen
  • select a street furniture – Water Fountain chosen
  • take 360 degree photographs of the element fro 3 levels – bottom ,middle, and top portion
  • all 3 levels should have a minimum of 40 images individually
  • transfer the photos to 123 D catch – an application from auto desk which helps in transforming the images into the same element in the form of an interface
  • import the 3 D element formed in Rhinoceros 3 D
  • Make the model in Rhinoceros









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