An Augmented Reality Experience



The purpose of this application is to provide a more immersive experience to visualize design. The project used is a part of the X – Urban studio. The goal was to create an application to help understand scale and space in the design process. As well as to create personalized experiences to users to examine, understand and visualize the design. In terms of urban planning , designers can visualize their designs and their impacts on the city in real – world scale. Also this can become into a virtual collaboration platform to share urban designs with people , thus gaining their feedback and also involving them in the design process.







The user interface consists of functions like scale, rotate and moving the geometry / model in three – dimensional space. Additionally there are also turn on and turn off features, thus allowing users to highlight or isolate specific elements of the design. Also users can turn on annotations thus displaying paragraphs of text explaining particular design elements. These features allow designers to visualize and explain their designs in a more effective way.




Faculty : Starksky Lara.

Students : Siddharth Aryamane, Osmin Avalos.