Calm city is project tackling noise pollution in public space by aggregating cork units. This augmented reality app helps to bring the virtual design into the physical space. With this app, it is much easier to have better understanding of the project, its dimensions(scale), context as well as materiality or technical part such as connection to the building etc.

The first part of the app is introduction. It consists of many diagrams that help to understand the project better. By simply clicking forward or the backward button the individual have the possibility to go to the next page or to get back to previous one in case they missed something.


By turning layers on and off, individual can focus on one layer at a time.


With the help of scale slider, app helps the user to see the details such as connection to the building, ground etc. by simply zooming in.


To add, there is a possibility of the design rotation with the rotate slider to see the design from other perspectives.


This project was made for the visualization purposes, but there are still many possibilities for the development. For instance, as calm city is project tackling noise pollution, it is possible to import realtime data of the sound in different locations and based on that, adapt the design to current noise situation.

Calm city is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the MAA01 2019/20 by Students: Ines Cavar and Faculty: Starsky Lara.