MIRROLEXIA The mirage of reality

When we speak of a new era, we think it will be of one which is diverse and believe that architecture or art plays a major role to provide a world-model in which various values and dynamic relationships are able to coexist with each other.

  • Architecture is no more just a word describing art or aesthetics in today’s world. Today, in the race of Development and reaching somewhere we are losing the purity of earth.
  • A vision where we can make people aware of the environment that is going worse day by day. An approach to give them “ Feel of Future.”
  • The Research is based on hiding the hideous sites of the city while keeping the footprint of the surrounding as same as it is.
  • “Invisibility”, is the target function that is being focused in this research as it is about disappearing the mass that proves to be unhealthy for the living beings.
  • In order to do the same, a similar functioning Phenomenon exists in nature called as, “Camouflage”. It exists in nature in two different category of species. The first one is Prey and the Second one is Predator. The prey has the ability to hide from predator and save their life, while predator has the same so it cana kill swiftly.
  • Similar Phenomenon have been also tried by military as well as architecture in order to disappear the mass.
  • As the population is increasing the development of the cities are done so rapidly that humans are not taking care of the reprecussion of what they are doing to this world. We know that we cannot just stop the development or remove the things that have been done to the beautiful spots in the city, but we can definetly create a mirage of the future in order to make people aware what has been done; what is going to happen; and thereby giving enough time to make things right


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Human’s have been trying develop day by day and in this race of developing faster and better they forget about concerning the nature. Thinking – we can’t be making much worse than it already is! This thought has lead us to a state where even an idea of regenarating the environment is fading away in the smog! So Mirrolexia is a project developed to make humans realise, what has been done and to make them feel is the target of the project. A application which doesnot create a significal importance on the surrounding but it is purely targeted towards the experience of disappearing mass. The Result of this Research has lead to generation of a design which creates a distorted image of the surroundings making people disconnecting them from the surrounding chaotic environment.

Mirrolexia is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2016/17  by:

Student: Nisarg sheth

Faculty: Lluis Viu Rebes, Jordi Pages