Microclimatic Control

Taking inspiration from the caterpillar to create a dilatable and contractible skin mechanism that is able to react to the environmental conditions and adapt to the needs of the microclimate created by it.

Using inflatable and deflatable modules that act depending on the amount of air pressure applied to them to enable the transformation of our control system.


Location: Barceloneta beach. Because the beach is a social node only seen as attractive during the summer days, its location becomes an essential part for the project to make it a comfortable space for the winter too while changing society’s preconceptions.


Users: Local community.

Function: To activate the space and to foster social interaction all year round.

Variating with the seasons:

Summer: forms a  barrier against the harsh sun.

Fall/Spring: forms a barrier against the rain.

Winter: forms a greenhouse. It absorbs the heat and traps it within the space.


Revitalization of the public city fabric, further motivating the citizens to interact with others in their neighborhood.


Students: Francis Redman, Javier Montalvo, Marcel Dawid, Abraham Ninan.

Professors: Javier Peña, Jonathan Minchin, Oriol Carrasco, Philip Serif