This assignment was developed for the Microbial Scaffolding project using various programs for a generative design geometry, such as Blender, Rhino and Grasshopper alongside Processing.


Here the bacterial behavior of Sporosarcina Pasteurii (Bacillus Pasteurii) was simulated using a base script of swarm behavior. The bacteria was analysed through microscopic images and growth observations. The Bacillus bacteria starts from one initial point given in a Rhino model, that is linked into the script, where the growth is  determined by the proximity of nutrient sources on a specific shape. The bacteria then moves along this shape generating a path and the geometry of the output is then used to determine the geometry flow for a structure that the bacteria can grow on.





MICROBIAL SCAFFOLDING is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA02 in 2016/17 by:

Student: Thora H Arnardottir (website)

Tutor: Angelos Chronis