DS 05 interactiveEarth to Food – Food  to Earth As all natural cycles start with earth, giving back is an inevitability. Food waste composting is a natural chemical process, with the resulting output of Methane gas and fertilizing material. Combining both outputs seemed to be an obvious yet challenging design choice. Yet, by looking to natural organisms that perform similar functions, Earthworms have proved to be the most relevant in structure, movement and function. Through observation, experimentation and implementation, we aim at investigating the possibilities of creating autonomous earthworms powered by methane gas pressure. These worms would aid at aerating and feeding the soil, through digging and dispersing of nutrients. Furthermore, the structure can develop as a root like structure at maximum inflation that can further aid the bio remediation process of the soil.   MethLab is a project that initially aimed at the production of methane gas through the process of food waste composting. The process started with focusing on Valldaura Labs and how to devise sustainable ways to provide additional energy for heating the campus building. This investigation has lead to multiple discoveries concerning the various uses of methane gas and how it can be utilized in other aspects aside from burning for energy. The possibilities for use in pneumatics has stimulated a line of investigation that revolves around simple movement. Methane extracted from our composting pixel can be pressurized and pumped through inflatable structures, through calculated directionality and optimized design, causing autonomous movements. This has later lead to the conclusion that utilizing this movement will need to aim at closing the metabolic cycle of the initial design. DS 05 interactive2 DS 05 interactive3 DS 05 interactive4 DS 05 interactive5 DS 05 interactive6 DS 05 interactive7 DS 05 interactive8 DS 05 interactive9 DS 05 interactive10 DS 05 interactive11 DS 05 interactive12 DS 05 interactive13 DS 05 interactive14 DS 05 interactive15 DS 05 interactive17 DS 05 interactive18 DS 05 interactive19 DS 05 interactive20