Poster Render As all natural cycles start with earth, giving back is an inevitability. Using food waste for Anaerobic digestion which is the process of degradation of a substance in the absence of oxygen in 4 major steps: Hydrolysis : the cleavage of chemical bonds by adding water. Acidogenesis: products of the hydrolysis to fatty acids. Acetogenesis: bacteria consumes precursors and produce acetate. Methanogenisis: break down of acetic acid to produce methane gas.   metabolic diagram       Consequently generating power through burning for various purposes such as cooking and heating. Another by product of this process is a slurry used for soil fertilization.  Combining both products of the anaerobic process seemed to be an obvious yet challenging design choice.The possible uses for methane gas for purposes other than burning for energy will be explored further throughout  this design process. Through observation, experimentation and implementation, we aim at investigating the possibilities of creating  an autonomous element powered by methane gas pressure.   PRESENTATION 2         Prototype: Methanecus Wormacus     FullExplode     A4_MovementAxo SECTION-01 SuggestiveFutureWorm-01 movement in diagrams-01             worm moving render