10 – 3D Printing – Metatron’s Lamb – Aishwarya Hokrani, Evelina il’ina, Cagan Izgi

The aim of our project is to try all the possible facilities using 3d printing machine. The goal was not to create an ordinary lamp but to identify all the potential controversial points of the printing and to discover all the tricky aspects.

So We decided to design a geometric basic component inspired by a Metatron’s cube with all the components we could imagine . That is why this geometry has a central tetrahedron with a triangular pattern inside and an octahedron placed outside is linked to the ends of it. We attached the components between each other by interlocking them.

Also, we tried to generate an organic form as the support which would result in different patterns of the shape and shadow, allowing light to pass through it.

Working on this model, we have experimented not only with various shapes but also different angles to discover the mathematical possibilities of the material and the “rep-rap”.

Even thought during this exercise we revealed that the thinnest part of printing subject couldn’t be less than 3 mm. We succeed with the angle of 36 degrees with 60mm length in our thickest module and we used our own supports on the thinnest edges to not pass more than 25 mm gap in 36 degrees.Concept Drawings The Final Model