Metabolic Network

Since our architectural prototypes are made up of cubes, our
façade envelopes are a bit like a lot of small pixels, which can be called
mosaics. So, in a general sense, we don’t have a complete façade, plus
these cubes that make up envelopes change over time because of the
ecological cycle. In this way, our façade will be very much in the face of a
changing image of the pixel is not high LED screen.

Like a big tree, the energy movement of a building also follows
the laws of nature of the person. Transport moisture from the bottom
up, absorb sunlight during the day and conserve energy at night. Open
leaves in summer, provide more shade, shrink breathing in winter, store
energy, and stay hydrated.

A PROJECT BY  Yu Zhipeng + Tian Yuanpei

LEADED BY  Vicente Guallart + Daniel Ibáñez + Marziah Zad