Overall Research

The main structure of the research is divided in 3 parts. It starts in a Master’s program context (group synergies), then it continues with the academic body of research and finally with a business plan development.

Readability of the diagram:

  • Flow of the information goes from top to bottom.
  • Blue geometry represents the core parts of the project.
  • Green geometry represents secondary hierarchy level, it includes expanded explanation of a core aspect of the research or mildly important concepts to consider.
  • Gray represents the weakest hierarchy level, it includes side notes and finer level of description.

Common Initial Research (Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction)

Within the program’s vision, our project initiates in the start up track, where the main idea of a possible business case arises from construction technology and robotics. After looking into global macro trends and local market opportunities we focus into an area of research and scale within the construction industry.

Contextualization and Pressures

Our research is established within the construction and demolition waste sector where our solution takes into consideration social, environmental, political, economic, legal and technological pressures.

Research Aims // Scientific Interest

As the projects specializes into CDW technology, it is important to get preliminary targets to understand the scope of the research. From this targets and the implementation of circular economy strategies we reach our research aim stage and scientific interest.

Second Research Aim Development

In order to verify the usability of the information gathered during the material localization and geometric reconstruction, a series of physical constructed demonstrators will be created. Lastly, to archive this, the process will be divided in several steps.

First Research Aim Development

To accomplish the first research aim, we divide the process into data gathering, data analysis and user interface. Each step will end up as an implementation for the business case. The logo of Matter Site (Business) is created after having a preliminary body of research.

Integration of Circular Economy Principles

Several side analysis can happen in parallel with the main route, in this case we develop exercises like circular economy value compass and circularity principles applied to the project and business case.

Integration of Technology Development From the Research to the Business Plan

Zooming in at the technology node of the business plan is possible to co-relate certain applications developed at an academic stage. It is important to recognize which parts are actually applicable to help develop the service.

Business Plan Development

The last part of the cosmogramme is conformed by the business strategy process that will end up in a business plan. In order to do in-depth on each topic certain process diagrams like “Personas” were added on earch node.

Matter Site  is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction  2019/21 by:

Students: Matt Gordon and Roberto Vargas Calvo

Faculty: Mireia Luzarraga