The workshop main objectives were experimenting structural systems, material optimization and fabricating the designed object. The main idea was creating a two person bench (1.2m x 0.5m) with a simple surface shaped like o-elongated in the horizontal axis using MDF wood with varied thicknesses (3mm and 12mm). The second step was to simulate the loads and fixed supports using millipede plug-in for grasshopper to generate the stress diagrams and areas of tension and compression for the basic geometry. After that a grasshopper script was done to extrude the raster image of the stress diagram to have the external and internal surfaces of the bench. Then the ribbing technique was used in the long direction of the surface to generate the overall mass of the bench. Also a refinement process for the form lines was done to have a box edges to reflect stability in the support points and curvature with some exaggeration in the inner parts to reflect tensions in the load areas. Finally the optimization processes started to modify the final shape of the bench and eliminate some areas of unneeded materials. In another word the shape of the bench was a celebration of the structural systems needed to support its function and the final shape was a direct extrude for the stress diagram.