Ibiza, Formetera and Mallorca are one of the most famous touristic islands in Spain. But in comparison to all of them Mallorcas life based not only on tourism it also has its own community.

People who live on this island are normal inhabitants of the «megalopolis» but with addition of one advantage: sea. It changes its life every day and every season: it serves as a transportation way, it attracts tourist, it gives to the citizens feeling that they can live and work on a resort and change their lifestyle from office to tourist in few hours: from 9.00 to 17.00 you can be an architect owning your own firm and from 17.00 till 0.00 you can feel like you are on a resort- taking your car and going to the beach.

Sea and island lifestyle (which by default is more quiet) makes life possible on such a schedule.

But Mallorca differs in itself. Like cities of one country differs from each other. Mallorca has the capital- Palma – its very active, productive such as any main city of any country. Mallorca has a quiet towns- such as Calvia- where retired elders can live peacefully. There are also «Farm cities»where people work on the land sowing and reaping. And Deia- small historical touristic capital with cosy old part of the city.

There are a lot of examples of leisure which are characteristic of the urban lifestyle: museums, bars, restaurants, offices, churches.

And at the same time Mallorca has touristic resort places of attraction: beaches, caves with stalactites, view points on the top of mountains, bicycles routes.

And also Mallorca has its wild natural places hidden from normal touristic eyes that only locals and hikers are willing to put a lot of effort into finding it.

All this indicators demonstrate that lifestyles can differ according to preferences of both citizens and tourist. For instance, if you are an office worker and you want to change daily routine you can go to the beach and feel touristic vibe.

Why did life and activity in Ibiza and Formentera became such a touristic and dependent from «imported» money? And Mallorca coped to become separate but thriving because of arriving people?

Mallorca: Community and Leisure is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Angelina Ovsyannikova, Sabina Javanli, Weihao Yin; Faculty: Mathilde Marengo, Willy Müller; Assistants: Adriana Aguirre Such