The “Moroccan Modern House” MMM constitues 75% of the urban landscape in Morocco.

These typologies are growing in an accelerating rate that it is almost impossible to trace their evolution.

Due to its good economical return in investment, the MMM represents a socio-economical ladder for the Moroccan middle-class population.

This app is an MMM Generator. It calculates the basic return of investment based on the defined plot size, the envelope price, and interior finishing in m².

In French “Maison Marocaine Moderne” or “MMM

This house constitutes 75% percent of the urban landscape in Morocco. And these typologies are growing at an accelerating rate. It’s almost impossible to trace their evolution. They have a good economic return on investment, so they represent a socioeconomic ladder for the middle-class population. This is why I thought the best way of documenting this is by creating a system that would follow their growth.

Just to let you know a little bit what this looks like and in history, these are the houses that Moroccans used to live back then in the medinas. And since the French colons came, we had to readapt. This created a sort of hybrid architecture that we can see here.

For a Moroccan middle-class real estate entrepreneur, a Moroccan modern house would be divided into two big parts, which in French we call “Les Gros Oeuvres”, which is basically building the structural shell and then doing the interior finishing “Second Oeuvres”.

The website I created starts by defining land prices. Once you define that, you could change the structural shell price and interior finishing price depending on your needs, and then you would define the selling price. Normally, the selling price is almost double the land price.

In this app, we can:

  • change the number of floors, change the depth of the building and its length.
  • play along with the number of facades
  • and change the structural span between the structural elements.

This app would allow people to know how much they would invest and what is their investment benefit while having the benefit percentage.

Link to the WebApp



MoroccanModernHouse is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MaCAD (Masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design) in 2021/22, by Student: Mahmoud RAMDANE and Faculty: David Andres Leon + Hesham Shawqy