L.01 – Lecture
Communicating Interaction
Faculty: Olga Subirós

Exhibitions have become increasingly diverse given that almost everything has the potential to be presented in a museum. The grammar of exhibitions, has gradually embraced scenographic elements and digital technologies to achieve a visual and sensorial attractive appeal to general audiences. This has given rise to museums that have turned into places of indiscriminate leisure consumption with huge visitor numbers. To counter this trivialisation of content that sometimes occurs – brought about on occasions by the institutions and very often by visitor reception – But, should museums take a stand on social issues? Would visitors be more likely to visit a museum that took a stand on issues that matter to them? Shouldn’t be ‘the ones’ taking a stand; rather, they should be more ‘the place’ where citizens can find and bring materials to build their own stand?

Olga Subirós
Olga Subirós is a curator of projects that take an integrative approach to 21st century culture and the far-reaching transformations of the digital age. She recently co-curated with José Luis de Vicente Big Bang Data, a major exhibition of different kinds of data-driven artworks and objects that offer an insight into the world of big data. Since 2014 Big Bang Data is touring worldwide. It has been presented at CCCB Barcelona, Somerset House London, ArtScience Museum Singapore, Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Lima. In 2017, it has been presented in Centro Cultura Digital in Ciudad de México, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague and it will be at the MIT Museum in Boston next October 2017.