This Monday, March 18th, MAI Dialogues presents Pablo Valbuena & Jaime Serra talks. 19.00hs, IaaC Auditorium.

Pablo Valbuena has become internationally recognized for his augmented architectures, dynamic forms where light and phisical structures combine to create a new hybrid language for form and space. Trained as an architect and having worked previously in videogames, his art projects in galleries and public space interventions preludes the explosion of “projection mapping” as a technique and has been extensively exhibited worldwide.

Jaime Serra is one of the most important names in the field of infographics today. Currently head of graphics at La Vanguardia, his body of work goes beyond the conventions of graphics for journalism and enters into the territory of information visualization and even visual poetry. His work is currently being exhibited at Ars Santa Mónica.

The conference will be streaming LIVE from IaaC’s youtube channel.