Magnetic activation is a project based on activating sensors through the attraction and repulsion of magnetic fields which transfers the energy to a DC motor. The project involves a battery,DC motor, breadboard,  magnets, magnetic sensor, arduino and connection to a Laptop. The activation is based on manual involvement of magnetic force fields in the sensor’s activation radius.

A new technique based on using embedded magnetic sensor for efficient use of 3D space around a mobile device for interaction with the device. Around Device Interaction  enables extending interaction space of small mobile and tangible devices beyond their physical boundary. Our proposed method is based on using compass (magnetic field) sensor integrated in new mobile devices. In this method, a properly shaped permanent magnet is used for interaction. The user makes coarse gestures in 3D space around the device using the magnet. Movement of the magnet affects magnetic field sensed by the compass sensor integrated in the device. The temporal pattern of the gesture is then used as a basis for sending different interaction commands to the mobile device. The proposed method does not impose changes in hardware and physical specifications of the mobile device, and unlike optical methods is not limited by occlusion problems. Therefore, it allows for efficient use of 3D space around device, including back of device. Zooming, turning pages, accepting/rejecting calls, clicking items, controlling a music player, and mobile game interaction are some example use cases. Initial evaluation of our algorithm using a prototype application developed for iPhone shows convincing gesture classification results.

A magnetic field based sensor is small in size, and so it can be placed close to the measurement location and thereby achieves higher spatial resolution. Additionally, constructing a magnetic field sensor does not involve the micro fabrication of magnetic material. Therefore, the cost of the sensor can be greatly reduced. Integration of sensor and microelectronics can further reduce the size of the entire magnetic field sensing system.