MAEB students have been developing a workshop on energy and energy cycles with the engineer Oscar Acebes, one of the pioneers in Spain of photovoltaic energy design.

They have been working in the Green Fab Lab with the CNC machines to produce the structure for the “Solar Chiringuito” a small pavilion carefully situated in an optimal location to absorb solar energy, and for users to enjoy the sunset with a tranquil view of the Monstserrat mountains, with music and free renewable energy.

The project is based on a combination of the latest technologies on energy harvesting and energy cycles and digital fabrication tools with traditional and effective construction techniques and innovative solutions to fight against budget and time.

MAEB students have been developing all technical and mechanical elements needed to produce energy using photolytic panels. The structure is ready to store energy using batteries that will be installed in the future. Currently the harvested solar energy can support wireless connections to speakers, media players and light sources to enjoy a relaxing self-sufficient experience of music and society.


IAAC has a long tradition in the development of solar houses, like the Fab Lab house, built for the European Solar decathlon in 2010, and the Endesa Pavillion built in 2011. IAAC investigates global projects for sustainable development on the cutting-edge of self-sufficient housing; addressing environmental, economic and social needs. These projects investigate construction techniques and processes to build structures  that are intelligent in the function and application of advanced digital processes and fabrication.