The Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings is an immersive program oriented towards architects, engineers, designers or creators who want to lead the construction of a new generation of buildings that radically address the challenges of the present. It is a professional program with a practical vocation that ends every year with the design and construction in real scale of a home.

Throughout 11 months students learn all the principles related to the design and construction of an ecological building: from the materials, the metabolism of the buildings, to the systems of enclosures or their insertion in the city. Students usually work in teams based on the methodology of  “learning by doing”; all seminars end with the manufacture of a prototype or model that will lead to the final design. In the final phase of the Master, students develop the design and construction of a self-sufficient housing built on a real scale using ecological materials and including all technical layers that allow an advanced performance of the building.

During the immersive program the students have the exceptional option of living in the Valldaura Manor located on the beautiful Valldaura Labs Campus. Living on campus allows the opportunity to imagine, live, create and build in the same place of work and study. Also students have the opportunity to share ideas and experience with like minded people and build strong personal and professional relationships over the course of the program. Valldaura Labs is a living example of a self-sufficient lifestyle in operation, so, not only do students who live on campus learn about designing and building ecological buildings, but they learn about strategies in self-sufficiency and ecological awareness through simple day to day life.